"The Byzantine Liturgy and the Jews"
Conference Program, July 9-11, 2019
Conference venue: Sibiu Ramada Hotel

Organizers: Alexandru Ioniță, Antoaneta Sabău, Stefan Tobler

The conference is part of the research project Jewish-Christian Dialogue between Religious Tolerance and Anti-Semitism: Documents, Interpretations, Perspectives in the Christian Orthodox Context, funded by the UEFISCDI as PN-III-P4-ID-PCE-2016-0699.

Institute of Ecumenical Research, Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu, Romania

Monday, July 8



City Tour (meeting point: Ramada ground floor hall)



Conference registration (Ramada first floor hall)


Tuesday, July 9




Conference registration (Ramada first floor hall)



Opening Address (Ramada Alfa Room)



Session I – Chair: Stefan Tobler


Michael Azar

Israel: The People of God in Byzantine Liturgy


Bogdan Bucur

Missing the (Theophanic) Point:  A Blind Spot in Patristic Scholarship and Its Consequences for Understanding   Anti-Jewish Texts in Byzantine Festal Hymns


Alexandru Ioniță

Mapping the Anti-Jewish Topoi of the Triodion




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Session II – Chair: Bronwen Neil



Patrick Andrist

Le De Paschα de Méliton et son contexte: existait-il, dans l’Antiquité, une tradition chrétienne de polémique antijudaïque dans les liturgies de la période de Pâques? / Contextualising Melito’s De Paschα: Was There, in Antiquity, a Christian Tradition of Polemics Adversus Iudaeos in the Liturgies Around Easter?


               Harald Buchinger

 Anti-Judaism at the Origins of the Byzantine Liturgical Year: “Israel” and “the Jews” in Severian of Gabala’s Festal Homilies


István Perczel

Is Saint John Chrysostom the Father of Byzantine anti-Semitism? In Memoriam Zvetlana-Mihaela Tanasă



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Session III – Chair: Harald Buchinger



Eliane Poirot

Les seize Discours liturgiques de Grégoire de Nazianze dans la liturgie byzantine


Radu Gheorghe Gârbacea

“Consider with me…the Jews’ Folly”: the Image of the Jews in the Patristic Homilies and the Hymnography on Lazarus


Bronwen Neil

Mary and the Jews in the Byzantine Liturgy in the Fifth and Sixth Centuries


Basilius Groen

The Strained Relationship between Venerating Old Testament Saints and Singing anti-Jewish Hymns



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Session IV – Chair: Partick Andrist



Doru Constantin Doroftei

Christ, Christians, and Christianity in the Palestinian Aramaic Poetry of Late Antiquity


Ruth Langer, Demetrios E. Tonias

The Self through the Other in Byzantine and Jewish Liturgies: A Comparative Exercise


Barbara Crostini

The Objects of Jewish Cult from a Christian Perspective: Materiality and Mediation in Faith and Worship



Conference festive dinner (Ramada Hotel)


Wednesday, July 10



Session V – Chair: Alexandru Ioniță



Sandrine Caneri

La prière liturgique au regard de l’Évangile: comment les juifs sont-ils présentés?


Vadim Wittkowsky 

Das Bild der „Juden“ in der orthodoxen Karwochenliturgie vor dem Hintergrund der „antijüdischen“ Stellen des Neuen Testaments


Alexandru Mihăilă

Quoting Scripture against the Jews in the Holy Week Orthodox Cult


Peter Ebenbauer

„Mein Volk, was habe ich dir getan?“ Die Karfreitags-Improperien in den gegenwärtigen Ordnungen  des byzantinischen und des römisch-katholischen Ritus



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Session VIa – Alfa Room

Chair: Stephen Shoemaker


Session VIb – Betta Room

Chair: Pablo Argárate

Evelina Mineva

The Jews in the Hymns of John Damascus, Marcos Eugenikos and in the South Slavic Translations of Byzantine Hymns


Nadieszda Kizenko

The Long Shadow of Byzantine Anti-Jewish Liturgical Texts: the Church Slavonic Service to Martyr Gavriil of Bielostok in Late Imperial Russia

Victoria Legkikh

Christians as the New People through the Images of Old Testament in Byzantine and Russian Orthodox Hymnography


Alexandru Prelipcean


Andrew of Crete’s Anti-Jewish Hymnography of the Triodion





Eirini Artemi


The Psalms, the Hymns and the Texts of the Old Testament and Their Use in Holy Monday and Tuesday



Paraskevi Toma


Politically Correct or Just not Anti-Jewish: Reconstructing the Profile of the Middle Byzantine Hymnographer



Lunch Break



Session VII – Chair: Reinhart Ceulemans



Bernard Outtier

L’image des Juifs dans l’hymnographie arménienne et géorgienne ancienne


Stephen J Shoemaker

Passion Piety and Anti-Judaism in Late Ancient Jerusalem: Hymns for the Holy Week from the Jerusalem Georgian Chantbook


Baby Varghese

Cult of the Old Testament Saint and Anti-Judaic Polemics in the Syrian Orthodox Liturgy


Pablo Argárate

Israel and the Jews in the Kontakia of Romanos Melodos



Coffee Break




Session VIII – Chair: Ruth Langer


Gaga Shurgaia

Nέα ʼΙερουσαλήμ: Holiness and Royalty Transplanted


Cătălin Popa Ștefan

Encountering the Other in the Holy City. Anti-Jewish Literary Constructions in Syriac and Arabic Sources on the Muslim Conquest of Jerusalem 


Răzvan Perșa

The Jews in the Canonical Tradition of the Orthodox Church


Thursday, July 11



 Poster Presentation




Nataliia Kostiuk

Images of the Old Testament in a Liturgy of the 18th – Early 19th Centuries: Some Aspects of Use of Texts of «The Book of Psalms»






Session IX – Chair: Barbara Crostini



Agnieszka Gronek

Representations of the Sanhedrin in Post-Byzantine Art


Tereza Sinigalia

The Image of the Jews at the Last Judgement – Case Studies in Some Murals in Northern Moldavia in the 16th Century


Charalampos Minaoglou

The Byzantine Liturgy and the Post-Byzantine Anti-Jewish Literature



Coffee break




Session X – Chair: Doru Doroftei



Reinhart Ceulemans

Anti-Jewish Measures from Macedonian Emperors: the Role of the Bible


Ana-Maria Răducan

Jewish Authors in the Patriarch’ Bibliotheke


Alexander Zanemonets

“I reject Every Jewish Custom”: Byzantine Formulas of Renouncing Judaism in the 11th Century



Lunch Break




Session XI – Chair: Bogdan Bucur



Ionuț Biliuță

“Through Their Sacrifice, They Silenced the Shameless Jews!”: Antisemitic Tropes in the Liturgy of the Saints of the Communist Prisons in Contemporary Romania


Marian Pătru

The Liturgical Construction of Jewishness. The Image of the Jew and Judaism in the Homiletical Discourse of the Romanian Orthodox Church in the Interwar Period.


Ioan Chirilă, Cătălin Varga

“The Glory of Your people Israel” (Lk. 2:32). The Nunc dimittis in the Romanian Orthodox Vespers of the 20th century and Israel’s Dilemma in the Oral Liturgical Tradition


Alina Pătru

Reception of Liturgical Hymns by Christian Orthodox Service Attenders



Coffee Break



Session XII – Conclusive discussion – Chairs: Stefan Tobler & Alexandru Ioniță


July 12-13, Conference Trip

July 12, 09.00

July 13, 21.00

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